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The sheer energy of voracious natural growth is strikingly evident throughout the glen.

This is not a picturesque beauty, rather it reveals a dynamic interlacing of powerful natural form.


Before I discovered the original function of the now ruined buildings in the glen I was intrigued: they appeared to be mysterious follies in an unlikely location for an unknown purpose; their remains  part-monument part-machine. The fact too that a bandstand and dance floor were once  features of Cooildarry recalls a past elegance which put me in mind of the era of the Camera Obscura.


Vista encourages the visitor to use it as a device for isolating a single viewpoint and, I hope, captures an essence of place.

Wood, Perspex, Steel and Bitumen

2.3 x 1.9 x 1.25 metres, 1994

Temporarily sited at Cooildarry

Glen, Kirk Michael, Isle Of Man

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