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Still Life

Still Life is a significant piece in terms of the development of my work. It combines distinct and contrasting sculptural techniques: the carved and wrapped figure was first made as part of a work of 1990, while the bolted steel strapping results from later experiments.


The process of binding the body with cloth (in this case Manx flags) is an ancient tradition normally associated with nurture and preservation. The enclosure of the figure by bands of steel and bolts has less positive connotations of confinement and torture perhaps, but also of security.


It is by this combination of disparate elements that the piece hints at the imperfect contradictions inherent in a sense of national identity.

Galvanised & Mild Steel, Linen & Polystyrene

1.9 x 0.75 x 0.60 metres approx, 2001

Collection of Manx National Heritage