© Paul Ford 2020


This piece attempts to capture a particular sense of the 'absent human presence' of its location.


The shaded interior of the forest is a cold place, though a sense of total isolation is countered by the evidence of human activity: the forester's tracks, walls and sawn timber,  the camper's burnt out fires and litter.


Any piece of land art is an intervention to some extent and I have chosen to draw attention to this fact by using sawn and dressed timber, not only as a clear sign of human activity, of  something 'made' but also as a reminder that, like farms, plantations are also industrial sites.


The work also reflects my own admiration of the wonderfully economic forms, symbolism and philosophy of Indian Tantric art and was inspired, in part, by a small brass ]aina icon of the released spirit.

Pine and Steel

2.2 x 1.9 x 0.12 metres 1990

Temporarily sited in the Colden

Plantation, Injebrek, Isle Of Man.

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